BSAD Ceramics

Bruce McLean at Sion Hill


Well, it’s been quite a while since Bruce was with us in the summer. A lot has happened since then – we’ve had a brilliant degree show and said goodbye to fourteen very talented makers  and we’ve welcomed a new cohort of students (more on both to come).

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Bruce McLean Conor Wilson Richard Winfield

Main Ceramics workshop, Sion Hill | Tuesday 24 July, from 10:00

Art Research Centre | Material: Making

A speculative project exploring paths (and aporias) between research in the art school and practice in the art world.

Amongst other things.

The project will involve talking and making and will be performative, but not a performance.

We hope to generate dialogue within the Material: Making group and across the Participant, Pedagogy and Index groups.

The project constitutes a speculative attempt to develop a situated method that combines oral history and collaborative making. Three participants, each coming to the project with their own experience of art and art schools – and their own agendas – open up and document a particular making and teaching environment, within the wider context of ‘the art school’ The workshop becomes a temporal object made of a collection of agents – space, language, the body, material, dialogue and the act of making.

The first stage of the project involved the decoration of three tile panels around and in-between interviews and open-ended dialogue. This was done over two sessions, which lasted for approximately five hours, in total. All speech was recorded and the making process was documented through time lapse photography.

The second stage of the project will involve the production of a transcript and a moving image piece.