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Nicola Lidstone at Science Museum

Nicola Lidstone

Masters Project work, Walcot Chapel, Bath, 2019

Great to hear that Nic gave a presentation on her interdisciplinary (and potentially transdisciplinary) work in physiotherapy and ceramics at the Science Museum:


Whitegold International Ceramic Prize


CALLING ALL MAKERS: A £10,000 award awaits the winner of the newly-created Whitegold International Ceramic Prize.

The first Whitegold International Ceramic Prize will celebrate the versatility of clay used in relationship with people, culture and place. The winners of the prize will be invited to make a piece of work for St Austell. Individual artists, collectives and CICs are invited to submit works that that use clay to inspire new perspectives and insights into place – the specific character of a location that makes it unique. All work of exceptional quality that connects people and place through creativity with clay will be considered. Submitted artwork should ideally be culturally and environmentally aware and socially engaged. More information on how to apply is available at Whitegold is a St Austell Bay Economic Forum project generously supported by the Coastal Communities Fund.

More details here