Knowing From the Inside

You are invited to ‘Anthropology and Art: An Interdisciplinary Practice’, a talk by anthropologist and artist Elizabeth Hodson, at Stroud Valleys Artspace on Sunday 14th May, 2pm.
Elizabeth Hodson has recently been involved in the 5 year, Aberdeen based ‘Knowing from the Inside’ (KFI) research project held by anthropologist Tim Ingold. Her new book ‘Imaginations, Interiors, Surfaces’ will be published in May. She is coming to SVA as an exciting one-off event, part of the Open Studios weekends, and will talk about art and anthropology, especially focusing on her work with the KFI project researching Icelandic drawing, her own practice and the role of imagination within creative practices.

Tim Ingold. We like. Thanks for this Anna. Anyone nearby, looks well worth attending…

More on the project here:


Author: bsadceramics

Course leader, MA Ceramics Bath School of Art & Design

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