Moulding Futures: Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics for Architecture

RIBA North is pleased to host the Moulding Futures: Collaborative Explorations in Ceramics for Architecture symposium, a one-day event presented by the Environmental Ceramics for Architecture Laboratory (ECAlab), on Friday 8th December 2017.

The symposium is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Cerámica, RIBA North, Gallery ONE 28th October 2017 through 10th February 2018.

Major advances in ceramics engineering and craftsmanship have opened new routes for innovation, triggering the re-emergence of ceramics as a sensory and culturally inspiring material in architecture. This event will present innovative trends in contemporary architectural ceramics production, bringing together some of the most prominent national and international minds connected to ceramics design and engineering. It intends to spark a discussion around the multiple attributes of ceramics as a versatile and phenomenological architectural material. Through our speakers presentations and chaired discussions, we will explore a wide range of topics relating to ceramics architecture, such as:

  • the aesthetic, phenomenological and spatial effects of ceramics;
  • the environmental and technical performance of ceramics;
  • social and environmental sustainability;
  • digital fabrication technology, and innovative design methodologies and production processes;
  • digital and traditional crafts;
  • patterns, surface effects and new interpretations of ornament;
  • heritage, contextualism, local knowledge and cultural identity.
  • the re-consideration of clay and its renaissance as an innovative building material

ECAlab is funded and directed by Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez and Amanda Wanner

Alongside the international speakers, there is an invited audience of Architects, Engineers, Ceramicists, Manufacturers and Academics who will contribute to the 2 chaired discussions, and there are a limited number of tickets that will be released through Eventbrite.

The eventbrite page lists the itinerary for the day, and registration for the day will begin at 8.30. For those who need to arrange their homeward travel, the day will conclude by 5.30 but discussions will continue with drinks afterwards. Food and refreshments throughout the day.

We hope that this will be an inspirational day of presentations and we have the following confirmed speakers.

Eric Parry, Eric Parry Architects, London

Antoni Cumella, Cumella, Barcelona

Martin Bechthold, Harvard University, USA

Alexsis Harrison, ARUP Engineers London

Maximilliano Arrocet, AL_A, London

If anyone has any questions, I am happy to answer these at


Author: bsadceramics

Course leader, MA Ceramics Bath School of Art & Design

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