Garth Clark at BSAD


Sion Hill Lecture Theatre

Friday 16 March, 11:00 – 12:30

Garth Clark, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, background David, Adrian Villa Rojas
Garth Clark WITNESS, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Garth Clark remains the most influential and provocative voice in international ceramics after five decades in the field; feared, loved, derided and celebrated. Clark is not an ivory tower theorist, but has had his boots on the ground for half a century, with a particular knack of being physically present and often the key protagonist in some of the revolutionary moments for ceramics since 1970. Clark is joint founder and Editor-in-Chief for the online ceramics bible, cfile and has published more than sixty books, the most recent being Mind Mud: The Conceptual Ceramics of Ai Weiwei and Lucio Fontana Ceramics.

Garth Clark exercises wide-ranging erudition and profound sophistication with a common touch…he is a welcoming voice—never condescending and “educational” but confident of the reader’s appetite for grown up complexities that are explored with clarity and feeling. Peter Schjeldahl, art critic The New Yorker.

Known for his wit, deep scholarship and entertaining speaking style, Garth Clark’s WITNESS melds own biography with the ceramics field history in the USA. Stylistically it is more like a one-person stage show than a conventional lecture. WITNESS will be presented in New York, London, Bath, Amsterdam, Boston, Los Angeles, Sydney, Auckland, Paris, Chicago, Vancouver, Dublin, Copenhagen and others cities through December 2018.


6 Weiwei Fouscho Photos Photos copy CF020921 copy
Ai Weiwei
Adrain Villar Rojas, New York 2
Adrián Villar Rochas
Garth and Cardew NCECA 1981
Garth Clark and Michael Cardew, NCECA 1981

The talk is open to all interested parties…

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Course leader, MA Ceramics Bath School of Art & Design

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